Beyond the Picos

The hotel had this in the lounge. The top area has a dome inside it. Kinda strange!
Soooo many stone buildings everywhere. It looks nothing like southern Spain, but it’s adorable.

After a very important cheese stop, off for another riding day, ready for rain.

Not many photos today, the trip SW from Potes to Raiño was stunning but I got soaked. By the bottom, though, the sun emerged and I eventually dried out. I shot one rather long cycle video that I’ll do something with eventually.

I never tire of mountains. They really are stunning from a distance, and then there are roads thru slot canyons that must be over 700′ feet deep. There are hairpin turns on switchbacks so sharp and steep that they’ve tested my riding skills and nerves.

The US has some pretty nice mountains, but it’s really nothing like here. From Bilbao west, it’s like Rockies on day, Tetons 2 hours away the next day, New Mexico the next day, Yosemite the next day. And then places on the map that I though might just be “getting here to there” turned out amazing too.

Raiño is the main town on a large reservoir that is so low, maybe 30 feet down.

Got a rural hotel in another village. So cute and traditional.

Everywhere, these massifs loom over valleys of agriculture, mostly. I’ve seen no crops other than apples for all that cider.
The entire region advertises its natural beauty for tourism and outdoor sports. There are bike rentals, river rafting, horseback riding, and the ever present hiking. Not everyone appreciates the tourism, but the government has worked hard on promoting it.

It’s darn hard to get eggs for breakfast, but I did have great scrambled eggs with with vegetables for dinner!

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