In motion

It is pretty physically and mentally challenging to be outside, in motion, on twisty roads, all day every day. My body is tired, the eating hours are all weird. But

That’s 30 feet low I figure.
I often felt like I’m in the middle of nowhere and a large town appears. Turns out San Isidro is a major ski resort and part of what the roads were pretty well maintained.

Long day riding, 10am to 7pm with some snack stops.

I had expected less impressive mountains after the Picos, but these are huge also, like the Tetons, and completely isolated.
These pop right up out of a flat valley by themselves.

The region is Somiedo and it really promotes bicycling. They made use of an old road bed when constructing a brand new highway, so they now have a bike trail and rentals and such. I’m still in constant amazement at the road building here!

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