The BMW F750GS seems to be the workhorse of motorcycle rentals in Spain. That’s what I rented in Andalusia in 22 and that’s what I’ll have again. At least I know in advance now that the seat is a painful, narrow brick that will hurt my butt. Seat pad is in my suitcase this time!

It’s a fine bike, too modern in design for me to appreciate, with a “beak” and a weird asymmetrical headlight. But the luggage is decent, it has ABS, and has plenty of power. The tank shape makes a tank bag hard to fit, but I adapted with a waterproof phone case and suction cups for navigation on a rainy day.

In-ear navigation from Google Maps is my essential riding setup. Last year I kludged together an analog setup with a single headphone speaker that plugs into my phone and velcros into the helmet. This time I’m also going to try a cheap Bluetooth speaker that also velcros into the helmet. Fortunately, the bike has a charging outlet, because Bluetooth + GPS nav + Mobile Data will quickly empty a phone battery.

Packing for a temp range from 80s down to 50s+ rain is a challenge. Layers, layers, layers.

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