Brewery/Distillery Work

Getting away from my desk and into the built environment has been eye-opening and exciting. I’ve worked as an electrician’s assistant on dozens of brewery and distillery installations and enjoyed the satisfaction of firing up a long-awaited dream for a lucky person.

I also morphed into something of a project coordinator or design assistant or something else. I started reviewing drawings and designs of distillery equipment with an eye to consistency and best practices, so custom equipment was manufactured in the best way. I took on the task of communicating design changes and standards with the Chinese equipment manufacturers for a brewery/distillery importer, and tracked the changes/punchlist during factory floor inspections in China.

I taught myself to read and mark up drawings and created more consistent methods of job tracking and cloud-based organization of project files. I helped update customer-facing guidelines for installation planning and preparation.

Why is this page even here? If you have a design project in a technical field, know that I have the experience, vocabulary, and education to dive in to your content and work with your engineers.