City life

I’m kind of bummed that Google Glass tanked. I would wear glasses that recorded everything I could see if they weren’t super obvious. Cameras are so small, how hard can it be?

I just walked thru a super cool building…
Azkuna Zentroa Alhóndiga Bilbao
A totally rehabbed old thing into which they built a 3 story library cube (windows that look out into the main shell). The other half/cube seems to have a gym, and there’s a pool on the roof. There were people sunbathing on the deck/patio outside the roof pool. The next floor down has a snazzy bar/restaurant terrace overlooking the street.

On the perimeter/exterior of one side there’s a cafe/ restaurant and a bar at atreet level. I sat in the bar because it had AC and was just such a beautiful scene. Beautiful people meeting after work with friends and family. Outside on the sidewalk are the regular café tables bit also nice library-type wooden chairs and benches nailed down into conversation spaces, so totally public.

Inside, it’s a Phillipe Starck designed space. It’s an attraction for it’s different designed artsy columns. There is also a design gift shoppe featuring Basque designers. All the signs are Basque first, then Spanish.

There’s currently the resident municipal band giving a free concert in the atrium. I sat in the library reading comics/art books in a window overlooking the band.

These are the perks of city life. In Europe. There’s a bar cafe on every corner. Stores close from 2 to 4 or 430 and everyone has happy hour. The chefs all go home, so that seems to be why pinxtos/tapas were invented. The counter is like a bakery window but just lots of snacks on bread. Cuz dinner is at 9 or later. I need to go directly to bed after dinner, but I guess they all stay up late because nothing opens til 930 or 10.

Just for fun… Weird motorcycles…

Surprisingly affordable food.

Chinese owned electronics store.

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