Feet hurt, going home

Giant floral cat outside Guggenheim

Inside, I really enjoyed the permanent exhibit of large steel plates in graceful shapes.

This is the model for the installation. It’s cool to walk thru.

I also found the Museum of Baque Nationalism, which covers a period starting in the late 1800s and into the Spanish Civil War and Franco, and then recognition by the EU most recently. 1930s era graphic design is always cool to see.

Wide range of food today. Went to a pretty famous downtown restaurant for lunch, and the food is beautiful but I lost steam so I got a Hawaiian pizza at the Lebanese doner Kebob fast food joint

Photos out of order… This is a downtown pedestrian mall packed with people lunching on a Monday afternoon.

My feet are pretty wrecked, good sign I should instead go sit on airplanes and buses for a thousand hours!

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  1. Sorry about your feet. Steel plates! Fascinating to see the coils representing the design. Safe return for you!

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