La vista no es buena

Despite the cloudiness, I still started the day with the Mirador I had planned. Some of the public photos showed it above the clouds, so there was a chance!

This is what you get when your riding partner has the camera and doesn’t comment on your helmet hair.

But it’s not too far off. It was a white knuckle ride, couldn’t see more than 50 feet ahead, and a few 1st-gear-dragging-the-brake hairpins. And no guard rails. Bracing morning!

Fortunately it did not rain (yet). Google still tried to route me on a hiking trail, but I recovered and had some excellent twisty roads this afternoon.

Great slolom down chutes to the most adorable local taverna. Saturday afternoon, motorcycle races on the tv and cows in the road. Everyone jumped up to film the flock go by, so maybe it was a special harvest (to market) day.

Have to add the video later.

Pork chop as big as your head.

More chutes and rocks and a dam.

Amazing road right below this. Tunnels and lots of blasting of rock.

Amazing ride down to Pechon and the rocky coast.

Managed to get over to Comillas just before the rain, to get the last entry to El Capicho, a rare and, of course, bizzare house by Gaudí.

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