Museums and bicycles

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao brought the city onto the world stage when it opened in 1997.

Like many industrial cities, the 1980s wrecked the economy and the social fabric. After a huge flood in 1983, rebuilding the city was mandatory. Over the 80s and 90s, and continuing today, industrial spaces have been redeveloped as residential neighborhoods.

A lot of downtown was built in a traditional style, with most buildings 6-8 stories, except for modern offices. Newer buildings are often the same size and feel as their older neighbors.

The entire exterior is glass block.

With a river running through the heart of the city for many miles, there’s a wide range of waterfront environments, from beautiful old mansions to modern high rises on to the shipyards, industrial wastelands, and yacht clubs.

An industrial island is being remade as luxury housing. The other end has remodeled brick lofts and art studios.
Beach and pleasure boats near the mouth of the river. A flat 7 mile bike ride from downtown.

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