Oh, Google

Plan ≠ life

Well, I can at least say I didn’t get rained on. But Google Maps ran this day off the road. Too many missed turns and recalculating until it finally recalculated us onto a rural road turned cow path. Fortunately I noticed it said “In 10km, turn left” and I called a halt. Had to give up some very cool sites I’d planned, but with skies threatening and brain fried, I opted to double back and just head on to main roads out of that predicament. Beautiful roads they were, and many 1st-gear hairpins to test one’s skills.

The big highways here are amazing. Huge, tall viaducts that fly over valleys into mountain tunnels that basically zero out the mountanous topography. So even the freeways are fun. But the back roads are a bigger rush.

The Albergue La Torre is a charming rural lodging rehabbed out of a barn. My room is in the “tower” which was likely the grain silo. The owners are celebrating 25 years here. One can certainly see the long tables filled with hiking or biking groups in the summer.

Tomorrow it will rain on us and we aim to be ready. Don’t expect photos from me in those conditions! (All day today I was taking pictured with my eyes only.) Fingers crossed for safe riding.

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