On a Clear Day

Oh, thank you for another sunny day. It may be the last I see for a while.

Much better view of the ski hill than yesterday, so I was able to achieve my plan for the morning… Chair lift to the top!

Astún is the last town before the border with France. It’s the non-tunnel road over the top of the pass. And it has a great ski resort. Old time buildings plus new ones, and lifts in several directions.

In the summer, it’s a hiking destination, hut to hut or lake to lake. It’s also on the Camino de Santiago Compostela, so not just macho alpine hikers, but pilgrims in for days or weeks of through hikes.

After the Best Ever View With Coffee at the top of the lift, I slow-walked to a couple of lakes.

The whole top of the Pyranees is a protected park. I’m sad that my hiking days are long behind me. This would be a pretty cool way to hike. Europe as so many more refuge-to-refuge hiking options than in the US.

After that view I had a lovely afternoon of chutes-and-ladders on Spain’s mostly amazing highway system.

The Peugeot 208 6-speed sports car was lots of fun to drive. There are signs for radar enforcement everywhere, so I tried to be good.

One can stop in about any town and find the taverna serving snacks and drinks. I saw what I think is either pork belly or giant bacon, and yes, I bought two for the road.

Tomorrow is first motorcycle day. The rain is forecast to hold off til 3pm or so at the destination, so hopefully there’s a fairly clear day ahead.

Bilbao river walk is kind enough to offer lounge chairs and public art… Til later, pretty city!

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  1. It is so amazing to be reminded that there are civilized places that invest in their public spaces!

    And they have amazing mountains to boot!

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