Packing, again

Travel is a privilege. I am super lucky. Plus, I enjoy the details of travel planning. I’ve been planning this trip since before I got home from the last one (Southern Spain).

I had such an amazing time in Andalusia, on motorcycle, on trains, and on foot, that I knew I would be back to Spain.

This time it’s Basque Country, the northern coast from the French border (and the Pyranees) west thru the Picos de Europa mountains.

Northern Spain and the coastal mountain range.

I love cider (US=hard cider) and it’s a great Basque tradition. I predict way more sidrerias than cervecerias (more cider taprooms and breweries).


And I have my Basque language (Euskara) study list so I can be a friendly tourist.


To buy yet this weekend, hard cheeses from Wisconsin to share!

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