Pictures of Buildings and Food

May as well get this over with. I take pictures of buildings and food.

I love observing the built environment, including building design, neighborhood design, and what they say about a culture. I love a neighborhood that loves its balconies. They are the front porch of dense residential area. (I have a room in am apartment with a teeny balcony. )

In this very walkable, livable urban residential neighborhood in Bilbao, Spain, I see balconies with plants and flowers, many with clothes lines, one with an inflatable kiddie pool.

I suspect many of these are condos, given the extent to which some are customized and upgraded. Street level small groceries and shops abound. In some ways, this feels like Brooklyn.

Some streets have wide sidewalks with cafes and pocket parks and transit. It’s a hilly area, so that allows for some creativity in creating outdoor rooms.

This block also has the neighborhood recycling center, created by giving over some street parking every few blocks, an appropriate distance to carry your empties (on the way to the grocery for more).

There will be time for the bustle of downtown, but today, with jet lag and zombie brain, I’ll just soak in some local life.

Cheers! Animo!

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  1. I’ve never seen that “second-story walkway and green space” thing done before: get you a second level of retail, and it gets people apart from automobile noise and smell!

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