Rocks and Roll

Mind blown. All hats off to Spanish road builders. At some point, this country committed to building roads to the tiniest mountain villages. Villages that were specifically built where they were hard to get to, meaning defensible against outsiders. Places you need a burro to get to.

I did my research (of course) and headed up a twisty road. The road was good and got into some hairpin turns and when I was completely impressed with the rocks and views…

I felt I must be near the top, then appears a tunnel!

And on the other side, another tunnel, then finally, 2 villages.

This is a seriously defensible high mountain spot. What do people do here besides look at the view? Maybe have a few sheep? One small hotel?

I cannot fathom the cost of building the road per capita. But I’m grateful some ambitious socialist Spanish government made this investment, here and everywhere.

And yet more to come this afternoon…

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  1. Mind blown that you are doing this! Thanks for the visuals and descriptions of your experiences. I can only imagine the photos you are taking with your eyes.

    I have visited the girls 3x and will see them again today or tomorrow … or both. No doubt, they miss you. Continue to be safe and have fun!

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