Get moving, Carol!

Cute little power station at a reservoir.

To the very top, again. I will try to post a video some time. After driving up a crazy road, it’s a bit of a surprise to see vans and campers and a food cart at the top!

The sign says the road is open 4km, but the cycle insurance doesn’t cover dirt, nor do I have the nerve!
Stickers on signs everywhere.
I really did not expect a food cart at the top of the mountain. I wonder if they came up in one of the RVs towing this. I can’t imagine, given the road.

When choosing a restaurant for dinner, I saw a photo on Google Maps of a cheese board and immediately knew that I had to try it. The little town of Pola de Somiedo is charming, and also seems well planned. They’ve invested in infrastructure. A camper van park right in town, an upgraded river walk, and also a sort of fair grounds for cattle showing or trading, also right in town, which sounds odd but works.

Pola de Somiedo

I have 2 more days of riding and I just want to spend the morning in bed!

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  1. Thank you for this blog. Mountains forever and food! Great scenery, architecture and comments. You are the ultimate traveler in my book.

  2. Mmmm cheese. Cattle trading/showing area does sound interesting. Is this a trade centered around milk or meat production, or neither, do you think?

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