China Travel Work

China, October 2018

In October 2018, I travelled to China with an importer of brewery/distillery equipment, serving as a QA/QC person. My job was reviewing technical drawings, noting updates to comply with our best practices, communicating with the salesperson in China, then travelling with the company for a factory inspection once the equipment is finished.

Of course, it’s fascinating to see China, in every way. Food, culture, transportation, and even the work.

We began in Shanghai at the Craft Beer expo, checking out equipment we might use, as well as what competitors are offering. It’s exciting to see Chinese and “western” art perspectives combine when US companies set up shop and market to both Chinese and tourists.

Traveling by fast train was eye-opening, and reminded me that Chinese transportation development is so far ahead of the US.

The factory inspections were fascinating. The days of  “Made in China” meaning poor quality are far behind us. The stainless welding and copper welding I saw were amazing, and I know how hard it is to find people in the US who can do that work.

It’s a pleasure to travel as a businessperson, and the culture of hospitality is such that our vendors treated us to the best hotels and meals. But I also enjoyed street foot and exploring outside of tourist area. I always felt safe, and would love to return to explore on my own.